Shari Puorto Band @ Doheny Blues Festival, 2015

I'm sorry to say that I'm bad at this writing thing! My apologies! Some thoughts as I sit here in beautiful Hermosa Beach with the faint sounds of the beach crashing about 2 blocks away....

Have you been to the Doheny Blues Festival in Dana Point, CA? If not, you should. What a great time! We performed at this event this past May and it was the highlight of Festivals so far. From the amazing CROWD to the staff.....we were treated well and received such a warm and wonderful response from everyone. We can only hope to perform at this event again in the coming year.

One thing I have to mention about the Blues industry and the Blues fans....I feel like it's my second family! Everyone is so supportive, and friendly and always willing to share a smile or nice comment. I love how the music brings people together. It's a wonderful part of my life!

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