"Calzone Cases" As seen in Blues-E-News Gear issue, May 2014

Hello Gear heads! I thought I would take this opportunity to write a quickie in the gear guide issue about one reliable company to musicians and corporations alike. This company is called Calzone Cases. I learned about this company and it's President, Joe Calzone because he happened to stroll into one of my gigs in Hermosa Beach, CA about 6 years ago. Since Joe is first and foremost a musician, having played the drums for nearly 50 years, and has a great love for music (and good music if I may), we've been good friends ever since! Our bond for music and performing connected us over the years and we try to get together either over dinner or a song while on the West Coast. I have learned a lot about Joe's company and I'd like to share it with you. Here's to a hard-working man, who has the respect of his employees and, who is family.


The Calzone Case Co. has been manufacturing cases since the mid 70s. It's a family organization with one goal: To build the highest quality custom case in the world, at a fair price with on time delivery. I can vouch for this as I have a custom made microphone case and it was delivered in two days (perfect timing for my tour) and it's gorgeous!  As Calzone says, "No matter the application, be it for the local musician traveling to his gig or the tactical deployment of military equipment in a life-threatening environment, Calzone builds a product you can depend upon."

Drummer turned entrepreneur Joe Calzone founded the Calzone Case Company in Norwalk, Connecticut. Along with brother Vin, they embarked on a mission to build the highest quality cases in the music business. In January 1983 they relocated into a thirty thousand square foot building in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This location currently serves as the corporate headquarters as well as a manufacturing facility for Calzone Cases.

Calzone kept getting bigger and bigger because they kept buying everyone out! First in '85, they acquired a competitor based in Dallas, Texas. Second, in July, '90 Calzone acquired Excalibur Cases located in Burbank, California. Lastly, the big daddy purchase; they acquired the industry leader, Anvil Cases in May 1996.

Recently, Calzone put their money where they mouth is as they put their cases up to the test on National Geographic's show called, "Showdown of the Unbeatables".  Here's a little about the show:  Each week, the very best American companies do battle with their prize products.  Super strength bomb-proof glass faces off against the extremely powerful water jet.  A vacuum truck capable of pulling 360 cubic feet per minute tackles the 22,000 pound electro-lift magnet.  Fireproof fabric takes on a scorching hot, military torch.  Who will win the showdown? Be sure to tune in, "Showdown of the Unbeatables" featuring Calzone & Anvil Cases on the May 23rd episode.   Check your local listings for time and channel.

Well done Joe! Congratulations on keeping your vision strong and truthful. You do supply us with the highest quality custom cases in the world, at a fair price with on time delivery! We love ya and keep up the good work. See you at the show! Music and Love, Shari Puorto.

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